A Member’s Adventure; Boeing CH-47 Chinook Water Basket Ride To Safety, Yet Equipment Toast!

A Member’s Adventure And Being Prepared He Survived:
• A spur off a major forest fire frontline was quickly approaching with no where to escape
• Parked his ATV and called for help
• He had established communication with the Forest Service (they stayed with him through this event)
• Capable of giving his location there was an opportunity to survive
• Video with audio included shows the Boeing CH-47 Chinook with it’s empty water basket 1st attempt to save our Member
• Video not available as the Member left his position to move to a clearing for access for the crew to lower the basket
• The Member crawled into the water bucket and got a life saving ride out with the fire engulfing his equipment (see photos of ATV before, after and clearing where fire swept through)

This is my ATV prior to the incident!

This is my ATV AFTER the incident

And here is where it currently sits…….CC