Monthly Speaker Status 2019

•January 22, we had no speaker.

•Tuesday February 26, the Club welcomed back Member George Eglinger for a discussion on unique rocks & minerals he has discovered!

•Tuesday March 26, our Club member Bob Thomasson invited Don Molde with his presentation on coyotes as our guest speaker.

•Tuesday April 23, the Club welcomed back author Jack Herris for a presentation on Southern Pacific Lines Cab Forward locomotives!

•Tuesday May 28, the Club welcomed back Club Member Webb Varnum, one of are most knowledgeable rock hounds for a presentation on prospecting.

•Tuesday June 25, the Club welcomes back author Stanley Paher for a discussion of Central Nevada; i.e. Johnny Mine area, Death Valley area, Rhyolite area and more!

•Tuesday July 23, the Club welcomes back Club Member Webb Varnum, one of are most knowledgeable rock hounds for a presentation on identifying ore bodies.

•Tuesday August 27, our Club member Bill Vogt invited and welcomes Lacy Trapp from BLM to be our guest speaker.

•Tuesday September 24, Open, no speaker yet.

•Tuesday October 22, our Club member Bill Vogt invited Chris Ralph to be our guest speaker on the subject of the geology of hard rock gold deposits.

•Tuesday November 26, our Club member Bill Vogt shall give a presentation on GEOCaching using GPS (Why it is good to learn and do geocaching?).

Traditionally, First Tuesday of December is Club Christmas Party…

•Tuesday December 3, 2019.


•Tuesday January 28, 2020 Open, no speaker yet.


The Club is proud to announce Lacy Trapp as our guest speaker for August 27th’s Meeting at 7:30PM.

Ms. Trapp title; Land Law Examiner at Bureau of Land Management, Mining & Metals

“During my time at the BLM I have had many opportunities to travel around Nevada to share my knowledge with other BLM offices. I have given training sessions on Bond Adjudication and Decision Writing and attended training sessions in Phoenix, AZ. I work independently and enjoy the challenge my work brings me each day. Spring and Summer are busy times of the year and staying organized and focused are important for accomplishing my tasks.”

This will be an excellent opportunity to hear information on subjects the Members bring up.  Ms. Trapp’s presentation will focus on giving answers & comments on questions the Club presents to her through Member Bill Vogt ahead of her visit.

PAYDIRT By Rivergold Designs (Club Member)

Status 04/23/2019

•Comstock Gold Prospectors Club Member seasonally supplied for sale at Monthly Meeting made in Downieville

•PAYDIRT comes in 2lb & 4lb sealed bags, every 5th BAG is Double The Gold!

•Status updates will appear hear and post: scheduled for delivery on Tuesday July 23rd 2019


The Club is proud to announce Chris Ralph as returning guest speaker for October 22nd’s Meeting at 7:30PM.  Chris’s presentation will focus on geology of hard rock gold deposits.  His books* and articles** on prospecting can help you understand how gold deposits form, how to gather information on an area and how to prospect efficiently so you can find gold.  Besides, he has been a member of the Club, we all thank you. This will be an excellent talk!

*Fists Full Of Gold, How you Can Find Gold In The Mountains And Deserts (January 2010), Secrets of Successful Prospecting Brand New (April 2019)

** Contributing Editor with ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal (articles & videos)

2019 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot

“Cancelled” 2019 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot“Cancelled”

To all interested parties the 2019 Nugget Shoot that was scheduled to be help Sept. 28th at the Rye Patch State Park in Nevada is hereby canceled due to circumstances beyond our control. We are planning on holding a 2020 Nugget Shoot at Rye Patch State Park next year. We thank all of our partners for the support they have given at the last 6 Nugget Shoots and hope they will continue with their support at the 2020 Nugget Shoot.  See 2019 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot

Using Google Earth to Locate Claims

May, 2015 General Meeting:   Jim Allen shares Google Earth Information for locating claims:

Jim has provided us with link to Google Earth:   The download link for GoogleEarth:

Attached is a “zip” file with a bunch of useful layers that Jim showed at the May 2015 General Meeting.

A note should be added that the Caltopo layers need to be clicked on and allowed to zoom out and open before you move to your desired location otherwise they won’t show up.

Also a note should be made that if a layer doesn’t seem to be working or updating in a timely fashion that they can right click on the layer name in the My Places tab and click “Refresh” to force it to refresh now.