Protect Exploration Access in Pershing County

10 Days to Protect Exploration Access in Pershing County

Pershing County has proposed a public lands bill that would:

Release 120,000 acres of Wilderness Study Area (WSA),
Designate 160,000 acres of new wilderness (not all in Pershing County) including several areas that are NOT WSA, Resolve (i. e., sell “eligible” lands of) an unknown fraction of nearly 2 million acres of checkerboard lands, and Provide for land conveyances (i. e., sale of specified lands), including to mining companies.

You can help shape this draft legislation and keep important lands open to minerals activities. Your voice is needed for on-the-ground specifics.

Maps and bill text, can be found on Senator Dean Heller’s website:

If you have information about current or planned exploration or mining activities that relate to the draft bill, please share your knowledge with your senators by Friday, March 18. You can send your comments to:

Jeremy Harrell in Senator Dean Heller’s office at:


Sara Moffat in Senator Harry Reid’s office at:

As always, keep your comments respectful, factual and calm.

Elizabeth Zbinden
Richard Knox
Public Lands Committee
Nevada Mineral Exploration Coalition

P. S. If you care to do so, please feel free to send your Coalition a copy of your comments at:
Nevada Mineral Exploration Coalition
PO Box 1734
Elko, NV 89803