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    I am heading up to Downieville area Tomorrow 10/7/18

    I would appreciate if anyone could give me input as to where to start on Yuba Claims.  Not looking for your honey hole but helpful tips are appreciated.  Also anyone looking to meet up.. always welcome !!  I’ll be around for the week exploring.  Heavy Pans all !!

    Greg Tollefson

    Hey GoldMan1!

    I am responding to the email you sent to me yesterday. I tried to reply via my email account, but got a kickback and the message failed. I saw your post prior to becoming a member, and was unable to respond. Thank you for responding to mine. I have been having an ongoing conversation with Bill Vogt about as to where on the website there would be a proper field for those of us that are new members to introduce ourselves. He stated that the website is in its infancy, and as of yet there is no specific area for those posts. I have suggested that a “general comments” area be added to the website so that members can have ongoing topics in which to discuss, and an area that us newbies can meet and greet.

    Pertaining to your email about visiting the Downieville area, I have been in that area earlier this summer and had some pretty good success. I was planning to be in that area yesterday, but was delayed due to family coming at the spur of the moment. I will, however, be going up tomorrow (Friday) if you are able to join me. You have my email (I assume), or you can call me at (707)364-0998 to discuss tomorrow, or future prospecting dates.

    Greg T. (goldengreg)


    Mateo Moreno

    Hey GoldMan1! I am new to the club and prospecting as well! I would definitely see the value in adding a topic page in the forum dedicated to us “new guys” and also a topic dedicated to the “Greenhorns”! I think we can definitely get more engagement on social media, like Facebook, which would definitely help attract the new generations of prospectors. Really getting a presence on social media will really help to keep the dream alive, which in my opinion, should be at the core of every members philosophy. I plan on bringing this up in the next meeting, and I will volunteer to manage the FB page if anyone will allow/support me. Thanks, and heavy pans!

    Mateo775 (Matt Moreno).


    Side note 😊..
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m new to this club not prospecting.  I’ve been around for awhile.</p>
    Great idea … would be great to have a place for new member discussion.  Though this is it (for now)  … so keep this thread going folks ! The facebook page would be great too.

    William Vogt

    It is good to see this activity from new people and I encourage you to keep this up.  As Greg commented on the 25th our site is still in its infancy and I believe this kind of activity will help get it going.  I will be discussing these posts at the Claims Committee meeting tomorrow (most Board members are in attendance).  For the post asking about places to prospect on the Club Yuba claims I recommend you contact our member David Crosby.  David lives in Downieville and is our official claim custodian of the Yuba claims.  David is up and down the river prospecting most days.  Two other members who are on the river a lot and are very familiar with it are Keith Wilson and Fred Leissler.  When you are on a Club claim don’t hesitate to approach people prospecting the claim and verify that they are members (all members should have their membership cards).  This is the quickest way to meet members and exchange pointers about the claim.  It will also help to keep non-members from prospecting the claim.  If you do come across a non-member prospecting a Club claim be courteous and inform that that they need to be a member to prospect the claim.  Explain the Club and invite them to join and tell them they can be your guest for a day limiting their activity to hands and pans.  One final request, please remember to complete an assessment when you prospect a claim.  They can easily be submitted on-line through the website.

    William Vogt

    This a correction to my previous post.  The Claims meeting is not tomorrow but is the following Monday (2nd Monday every month).

    Mateo Moreno

    Thanks William!  Is the claims meeting at the same place on Pyramid?

    William Vogt

    No.  The claims meeting is at Denny’s (back room) near 80 and McCarran in Sparks starting at Noon.

    Ernie Koch

    Another new guy here, look forward to meeting fellow members.

    Ernie Koch

    Moving my motor home to the Quincy area the beginning of next month where it stays for the summer. I spend nearly every weekend there and prospect as often as possible. If anyone would like to meet up for a day or two of prospecting please respond and I will provide additional contact information.  Excited to check out the club claims in the area. If you would like to reach out my email is ermiekoch59@gmail.com.

    Ernie Koch

    Am in the Quincy area all summer, anyone interested in meeting up would be great! Contact information is in previous posts.

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