Claim plate/marker for Pirate

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    Greg Tollefson

    I went to Pirate on Wednesday because I was getting stir crazy, and wanted to check out the claim and water conditions. The water was somewhat high and only a little flour gold was found. As I was walking the claim, I noticed that the yellow claim plate/marker had been ripped off and tossed down the hill. The marker is still there, roughly at the middle of the gravel bar, downstream of the 10 mile road marker. I had no tools or fasteners to reattach the sign at the time. As I understand it, there are some members that live in the area of Downieville. Perhaps someone can be contacted to put the sign back up. Just thought that the club would like to know.

    William Vogt


    Thanks for the post.  Claim Committee Member and Member at Large Fred Leissler had told us about the sign (he goes there often) and has a replacement that he will put up the next time he goes there.  What we didn’t know is what had happened to the original.  Now we know.  He will look for it and, if he finds it, he will be re-use it elsewhere on the claim.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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