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    John McPherson

    My wife and I have been members of Comstock Gold Prospectors for about 7 years give or take and love it. We joined and left other clubs, but always stayed with CGP because of the good claims and the people in the club.

    We really like the North fork of the Yuba near Downieville. It has everything we love and enjoy. The problem is that we want to spend more time around the area, but don’t have a place to camp. We can camp in one of the many campgrounds, but only for 14 days and that’s not enough!

    What we would like to do is rent a small piece of property for the summer. We don’t need much, just a place to park our camper and small mining trailer. Our camper is the type that loads onto our truck and is about 15 ft. total  length and the trailer is 4 X 8 ft. The camper is fully self contained so we don’t require power, water or waste desposal, just a place to park. If anyone has a place or knows of someone that does, please email us at  or call 916-804-4272. We are retired and you might say up in years so we have learned respect for other people and there property you can count on that. Thanks John and Peggy McPherson

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