Amateur Radio Technician License class


7:30 am - 4:45 pm


Boomtown Hotel & Casino
2100 Garson Rd, Reno, Nevada, 89439

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I’m doing a one day Amateur Radio Technician License class in Reno on 5/2. I had a 100% pass rate at my last class.

Buy the Book and Save the Date!
TECHNICIAN HAM LICENSE FASTCLASS REVIEW AND LICENSE TESTING, May 2, 2015. In cooperation with the Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society and the Nevada State Conference! Almost everybody passes: 18 of 18 students passed my last class. Advance registration and self-study is required! Testing is immediately after the class! $35 for the class, $15 additional test fee. To sign up, go to !

HAM License info: No Morse Code required! It’s a 35 Question test at a middle school level so anybody who’s willing to study a little can pass. Think “Driver’s License Test!” For a sample test, go to, try it and see how you do. Most adults get about 50% on their first try and you only need 76% to pass so you’re most of the way there! Most people do have to study a little, though!

Reading Materials: My favorite is Gordon West’s The Technician Study Manual (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2018) available from for $21.95 plus shipping. They ship fast and it’s an easy read! “Gordo” has reorganized the questions for logical learning and gives bite-sized explanations of the correct answers with a lot of diagrams and drawings. Second best is a FREE 50 page No-Nonsense, Technician Class Study Guide available at that’s really pretty good for the price! He also has a FREE General study guide if you want to upgrade!