Comments on Pershing County Economic Development and Conservation Act Draft Legislation – April 30, 2016

Hi All,
I put this letter together (cick Comments 2 on PCEDC Act KMC) at Jim’s request.  I think it is really positive that the FNW people are aggregable to moving the boundaries of the proposed Bluewing wilderness.  However, I think that moving the boundary south to the section line is a token move made in an effort to get CGP to back off of any objections to the proposed Bluewing wilderness area.
If this wilderness area were to remain in the bill I would propose even more drastic reductions and reduce the size to the 5000 acre minimum.  640 acres per square mile so 5000/640= 7.8 square miles.  So let’s round that to 8.  The currently proposed Bluewing wilderness is 39.8 square miles so it seems like FNW could cut back quite a bit more.  FNW doesn’t have the monopoly on drawing Wilderness boundaries so we might want to prepare a counter proposal that could be submitted as a plan B.  I wouldn’t put it forward at this time only later if the commissioners seemed intent on creating this area.
In the letter I still lobby for the total elimination of this area.  I think the exploration potential of this area is wide open and we need much more room to allow for future discoveries.  Besides that it has never been official studied and that is the main metric that I am using to reject these areas.
I left the letter in a word doc so that you can make any changes/edits that the Officers and board deem necessary.  I won’t be able to make the meeting tomorrow due to prior commitments.
Kevin M. Conway
Exploration Geologist
P.O. Box 50835
Sparks, NV 89435
Cell: 775.934.8699