Chris Ralph and I am a Professional Prospector will be our guest speaker for Tuesday March 26th’s General Meeting at 7:30PM.

Chris Ralph states the following: I make my income finding gold, silver, gemstones and mineral deposits which I sell to mining companies.  I have a degree in Mine Engineering and I’ve been digging my own gold for more than 40 years.

The “Mother Lode Country of California” is one of the richest gold regions on earth.  He will take a look at the geology of the whole region, how placer and hard rock deposits formed and the geologic history of the area.  He will focus on the gold geology of the Sierra Nevada and will speak to:

  • Why is there so much gold in the Sierra?
  • What created these gold deposits?

Chris’s presentations have interesting details to assist Club Members to focus on geology and methods to explore and identify gold deposits.  His books*, articles** and YouTube*** videos on prospecting can help you understand how gold deposits form, how to gather information on an area and how to prospect efficiently so you can find gold.  He has over the years been a contributing member of the Club, we all thank you. Personally, I work with only two others and following Chris’s information I have some fun finds. (WAL)

*Fists Full Of Gold, How you Can Find Gold In The Mountains And Deserts (January 2010), Secrets of Successful Prospecting Brand New (April 2019)

** Past Contributing Editor with ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal (articles & videos)

*** YouTube presentations on Prospecting and Mining (+ 231 videos)

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