Executive Order dealing with National Monuments

President Trump is preparing to sign an Executive Order dealing with National Monuments (NM’s).  It has been brought to my attention that there have been quite a few op-eds, blogs, and press releases supporting Bears Ears, North Maine Woods, and other monstrous NMs, but few opposing these designations and advocating for abolishing NMs, downsizing NMs, and abolishing or reforming the Antiquities Act.  If you can help publicize the case against National Monuments (either specific ones or generally), please do so now.  And send your finished pieces (including links) to info@mmacusa.org so that they can be forwarded to the right people in the White House and Interior.  Sooner and shorter is better than later and longer.  Pass this to everyone you know and fast.

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USGS Quad Maps – Free Download

Great news for anyone who likes to use USGS Maps when they are out and about! National Geographic has announced a FREE site to download AND print quad maps. If you are interested, check this out: http://www.natgeomaps.com/trail-maps/pdf-quads Page one of the print is an overview of that specific quad. Pages 2-5 is the quadrant broken down for printing. The one I checked out was from 1997 but a lot of the roads we still use are on them.
The site is pretty self explanatory and you can zoom in pretty quickly. Let us know what you think.

National Geographic Maps makes the world’s best wall maps, recreation maps, travel maps, atlases and globes for people to explore and understand the world.

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Western Mining Alliance Feb 2016 Newsletter

Click here: WMA Feb 2016 Newsletter for the newsletter.

Please pay particular attention to the effort by the BLM to eliminate the small miners waiver and increase maintenance fees again.

You can do something about it. There will be a town hall meeting in Foresthill on March 9, 2016. Information is enclosed. Attend and speak to Congressman McClintock about it (Chair of the Federal Lands subcommittee). You can also coordinate your trip with Rick Eddy at reddy@theminingalliance.com.

Thank you for your support these past 5 years. They haven’t beat us.


The Mining Alliance

Molon Labe

Steve Clark

A Memorial Service honoring Steve Clark will be conducted at 10 am, July 28, 2015, at the VA Cemetery, 14 Veterans Way, Fernley, Nevada..

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