October’s Club Meeting Is On!

Dear Club Members,

I hope you all are doing your very best to stay safe and healthy in these difficult times. I also hope you had a wonderful Summer..

I am cautiously optimistic we will continue to meet regularly once again.  We shall spread out all attending with the hall capacity cut in half to 75 people maximum.  Everybody needs to sign in to have head count.

We’re rebuilding the membership process with the proposal to have once a year renewing date, particularly under these unique circumstances. Memberships are being processed, but may still be delayed. If you have recently renewed or have signed up as a new member, please be patient. Please keep in mind that it will be much easier for us to conduct Club business once the lockdown is released.

Earlier today I sent three emails for renewals, here’s a correction:

“As a reminder, there is a 30 day grace period. Also, if you do not renew within the 30 days and want to renew later you will have to pay the fee of a new member ($65/$75) and if there is a waiting list be placed on it.” 

Wade Lavery

Using Google Earth to Locate Claims

May, 2015 General Meeting:   Jim Allen shares Google Earth Information for locating claims:

Jim has provided us with link to Google Earth:   The download link for GoogleEarth:


Attached is a “zip” file with a bunch of useful layers that Jim showed at the May 2015 General Meeting.


A note should be added that the Caltopo layers need to be clicked on and allowed to zoom out and open before you move to your desired location otherwise they won’t show up.

Also a note should be made that if a layer doesn’t seem to be working or updating in a timely fashion that they can right click on the layer name in the My Places tab and click “Refresh” to force it to refresh now.