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Listed below are the documents pertaining to the BLM proposal for Land Use/Land Sale in and around Pershing County Nevada.

BLM Proposes to Eliminate Small Miners Waiver


Mining claim owners……….BLM has just released its new 2017 budget proposal and guess what, they are attempting again to eliminate the small miners waiver. For those miners who own 10 claims or less, one can file the small miners waiver for about $10.00 per claim making holding a claim affordable. What this proposal will do is eliminate this and make holding mining claims so costly that most miners will not be able to hold them or afford them.

The proposal is almost word for word what they proposed last year which raised the fee’s by unbelievable amounts. Last years proposal was shot down, this one needs to be as well.
Imagine you own a claim of 160 acres, you pay property taxes on it and your small miners waiver fee, that is still affordable at typically under $100 annually. What this will likely do is raise that amount you pay for this one claim from $10 (waiver) to over $1,200 for that same claim. For Associations and clubs like GPAA, Coarsegold, Delta, East Bay and UPI, their costs could go into the 10’s of thousands or even more. Let that sink in for a minute.
This is all by design folks, they cannot attack the 1872 mining act, so they just use regulation and strangling fees to make it so expensive that the normal miner and gold club cannot afford it. They are trying to require special permits to mine……..but then don’t issue permits or even have a process in place to apply for the permit they say you need.
Fees, yellow-legged frog, sue and settle, EPA, BLM, USFS, DFG the list goes on an on. We have to band together and when things like this come up, you must respond.
Call your Congressperson today and tell them to strike this language from the budget proposal period. Click Here to find your Congressperson ….make the call.
Click BLM Budget Proposal to see the actual text proposed by BLM to raise the fees, it is on page BH-11. This does not pertain to just hard-rock mining.  If you read the actual language, it is written to be inclusive and will affect placer claims.

Western Mining Alliance Feb 2016 Newsletter

Click here: WMA Feb 2016 Newsletter for the newsletter.

Please pay particular attention to the effort by the BLM to eliminate the small miners waiver and increase maintenance fees again.

You can do something about it. There will be a town hall meeting in Foresthill on March 9, 2016. Information is enclosed. Attend and speak to Congressman McClintock about it (Chair of the Federal Lands subcommittee). You can also coordinate your trip with Rick Eddy at reddy@theminingalliance.com.

Thank you for your support these past 5 years. They haven’t beat us.


The Mining Alliance

Molon Labe

California Supreme Court asking about the new water quality law

On Wednesday, February 17, 2016 6:34 PM, Dave McCracken <admin@goldgold.com> wrote:

Dear Jim Richards,

The California Supreme Court is reviewing the landmark win which was handed to small-scale gold miners by the Third Appellate Court in the case of California v. Rinehart. Now they have asked for briefing on how California’s new water quality law might affect the outcome. This very well may have opened the door to hear our argument that the new water quality law is nothing more than an extension of the State’s intent to prohibit mining on the public lands of California; something they do not have the authority to do. Our briefing on the matter was submitted to the California Supreme Court today. You are welcome to read it right here:


Here is a reminder that our ongoing legal fund-raiser will come to a close this next Friday, 26 February. The Legal Fund will be giving away three ounces of American Gold Eagles and 10 ounces of American Silver Eagles; 25 prizes in all. There has been very little participation in this drawing so far. We are sincerely hoping for you guys to provide some much needed support during this final week of the drawing. You can find more information right here:


Thank you guys very much for all you do to support our efforts!

Dave Mack
The New 49’er Legal Fund

The New 49er’s, 27 Davis Road, Happy Camp, California 96039, USA

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